A wave of change has arrived!

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Welcome to Opterra, the start of a new era in integrated farm planning.

We believe there are substantial gains to be had in productivity, risk management and profitability through optimizing soil-water-plant-animal elements in Australian mixed farming.

Opterra™ is a unique planning & recording tool where farmer-agronomist-livestock adviser can work together on a single platform for crop and livestock. The farmer will use a single mobile App for crop & livestock.

The Whole Farm Plan and Recommendations from both crop and livestock advisers aid easier Task Management and recording of Actual treatments.

Opterra™ is designed to be ‘Simple, Fast and Easy’- it is our move to a cloud-based platform, development of mapping applications, easiermobile apps and integration of weather and precision Ag information partners. Our proven PC applications remain fully functional, and can be linked into the cloud-based functions.

Please look below at the “Key Outcomes” and “How it Works”, which provide more details.

For our existing clients, making the change to Opterra™ is very simple:

  1. Log into www.opterra.net.au using your registered Back Paddock email and web account password. Make sure all devices are sync’d first and your data will be available in Opterra Cloud.

  2. Go to the App Store on your mobile device. Back Paddock Mobile can now be updated to version 5.
    For Spray Lite users download the new Opterra Paddock Book (this replaces Spray Lite)

  3. You will be notified of times for a series of 3 x 15 minute webinars to be held over the next 3 weeks (multiple times each week).
  • Complete Opterra™ functionality, equivalent to your previous subscription, is covered under your current licence.
  • Opterra platform is modular and you can use individual components separately ( eg plant or soil) or its full functionality.

For new users please complete the registration form for a 14 day free trial of Opterra™.

Although substantially developed, we don’t pretend that it is all complete and will meet all of your needs right now . Soil-water-plant-animal modules are well-developed, enabling you to establish all foundation functions now and then build components in stages as they become available in the coming months.

Patent Pending

Opterra Key Outcomes

These are some of the key outcomes from Opterra, but to a large extent,
the platform will be used in many different ways to suit the individual objectives.

Make the most
of Water

Crop & livestock flexibility. Easier data access. Whole Farm Planning for on-time completions. All are fundamentals for better water use.

Whole Farm Planning

Crop and Livestock enterprises

Inputs, operations, budgets.

Map-based.Drought /supplementary feed budget.

Simplified Task Management

  • Tasks derived from Plans & Rec’s.
  • 1 system for both crop & livestock.
  • Easier communication and tracking benefits in Operations timeliness & cost.



Livestock Adviser

On a single map-based platform for better communication. Livestock in Plans & Recs.

Easier & More Accurate

Single farmer App.

Recording crop/animal treatments, animal moves. Simpler & more accurate for Compliance.

Soil Health

Details of your core asset are at your fingertips with Interpretation. Alongside water, plant, livestock data for better everyday decisions and benchmarking.

Patent Pending

Opterra Applications

These Applications bring together the soil-water-plant-animal data, decision support systems to evaluate the ‘science and the dollars’, the Planning & Simplified Task management process, recording of treatments & observations, the document management and Reporting. Built on foundation of 20 + years proven IP as a leader in farm management systems, now in the latest tech platform….exciting times!

Opterra Cloud

Opterra Cloud has an integrated application suite that enables an agricultural enterprise to be planned as well as monitored and managed in-season.

Mobile Apps

Out of engagement with hundreds of users has come the first new mobile application for the Opterra platform, simply called Opterra™ Paddock Book.

Crops and Pastures

Our existing applications BP Adviser and BP SoilMate are market leaders in broadacre crop and pasture planning, recording and management of nutrition/soils – proven, high quality tools, based on the best science.


Mixed Farming is the largest single segment in the Australian agricultural industry but the Livestock Management platforms weren’t ‘joined at the hip’ with platforms managing crops & pastures
...until now.

Weather Integration

A key in our goal to make key elements Precision Ag feasible for traditional conservation farming is the incorporation of weather data.

Spatial Imagery

Opterra™ brings the latest in mapping technology, the key aspect being ease-of-use in comparison with traditional precision agriculture packages


This enables Chemicals to be brought into Store, and quantities deduct with each Application event recorded on Opterra.

Document Management

Opterra™ Cloud Share provides the ability to save information that you value to the relevant paddock, they can even be pinned on a map and shared with your colleagues or clients.


Simple, Fast and Easy