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From Australia's longest-running and most-successful paddock planning platform comes a reinvention.
Based on the premise that the elements of soil, water, plant and animal represent the fundamental aspects of agriculture.

Taking everything that we have learned through 20 years as a leader in agronomic decision-support and training in Australia, we now provide advisers (agronomy + livestock) and farmers with the option to join cropping and livestock…at the hip.

The reinvention is also very much about ‘Simple, Fast and Easy’ and our move to a cloud-based platform, opening up rapid development of new applications, as well as the integration of established and ‘start-up’ information partners and of course our proven PC applications.

Opterra is the foundation for a massive opportunity to improve productivity and soil health in Australian agriculture. To a large extent, the paddock and pasture agronomist holds ‘the keys to the car’ as far as ensuring plant production is integrated for livestock optimization, and yet today many of those advisers are not directly engaged in seasonal livestock planning and management.

Built on a entirely new data architecture, we would like to introduce the Opterra platform for Digital Agriculture.

Patent Pending


At the heart of the design criteria was a simple premise – ‘we have to get obsessive about simple, fast and easy’.

Crops and Pastures

Our existing applications BP Adviser and BP SoilMate are market leaders in broadacre crop and pasture planning, recording and management of nutrition/soils – proven, high quality tools, based on the best science.


Mixed Farming is the largest single segment in the Australian agricultural industry but the Livestock Management platforms weren’t ‘joined at the hip’ with platforms managing crops & pastures
...until now.

Weather Integration

A key in our goal to make key elements Precision Ag feasible for traditional conservation farming is the incorporation of weather data.

Spatial Imagery

Opterra brings the latest in mapping technology, the key aspect being ease-of-use in comparison with traditional precision agriculture packages

Mobile Apps

Out of engagement with hundreds of users has come the first new mobile application for the Opterra platform, simply called Opterra™ Paddock Book.

Document Storage

Cloud share provides the ability to save information that you value to the relevant paddock. You can share these documents with your colleagues or clients.


Spoiler alert! Here's a sneak peek on us