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Take control with Opterra Mobile Apps

The Opterra platform for digital agriculture launches this winter with mobile app’s that are designed to be simple, fast and easy-to-use

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About Opterra Mobile Applications

Mobile applications for recording on-farm activity are at the heart of the Opterra platform for digital agriculture, with a substantial focus on ‘simple, fast and easy’. With the remit of providing a single platform for integrating the management of crops, pastures and livestock.

Opterra is designed on the premise of a closed-loop farming system, meaning years or seasons always commence with some form of pre-season planning, no matter how formal or informal, followed by crop management and/or animal husbandry phases and finishing with post-season analysis, the basis of which forms the baseline plan for the following season. We call these, the perpetual cycles of farming. There is enormous value in the continuum yet the process has faltered previously around the basis of the field-based recording; the first-generation applications weren’t up to par..


With Opterra, the discussion involved ‘going back to the drawing board’ to determine the jobs that people fulfil on farms with particular focus on mixed-farming operations, for which the Opterra platform was primarily intended.

Opterra Paddock Book is to be released first and will sit alongside Opterra Farmer and later Opterra Adviser, which in turn replace the current Back Paddock Mobile applications. Opterra Farmer product matrix

Our Progress

Opterra Paddock Book

Paddock Book enables farm employees and contractors to receive work from others electronically and work either offline or online. Covering five different jobs from crop establishment, crop protection, crop nutrition, operations jobs and livestock treatments. The jobs may’ve come from farm managers, from agronomists, or from livestock advisers for animal health and veterinary treatments, or supplements. The first version is currently being field-tested in readiness for winter and spring recording


Our Approach of Design is Simple, Fast and Easy

The issue with the first round of mobile applications is that not all were easy to use and that became the barrier to adoption. The other issue was that the industry created many ‘applications’ for agriculture yet nothing talked to anything else; the Opterra Mobile app’s seek to address both these issues.

Push Notifications

As Recommendations are created by Farm Managers and Advisers, the jobs are sent to the users who receive Notifications that updates are available. These occur in real-time whenever the mobile device has internet connectivity.

Job Management

Opterra mobile app’s are premised around ‘one license-one login’ such that users can be individually allocated work and subsequenty traceable for what work they’ve done

Online or Offline

Opterra mobile app’s are designed to run on iPhones and iPads and will function all-day, everyday without connectivity to the internet. Of course, at some point each day it’s expected they’ll connect to the internet to upload their work and get the next lot.

Task list Driven

The basis of job management begins with preseason planning where all of the planned activities can be created at paddock and mob level. Then ad-hoc jobs can be created by farm managers and advisers, as seasonal conditions change. The idea of the tasklist for each user is fundamental to how work is assigned and tracked. The initial release of Paddock Book defines the simple job management capability and we’ll continue to build that out.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Paddock Book display Farm Plans to the user?

No, it’s intended to be a simple job management tool for operators, whether they’re on-farm based or contractors. The purpose is to for farm managers and advisers to create Rec’s from farm-plans or ad-hoc and allocate them to an operator to complete. Operations Rec’s can be simple tasks such as ‘wind-row those conaola paddocks’ or ‘back-line drench those mobs’. Opterra Farmer is the tool for farm managers to create and manage the job-lists for the operators.

What platforms does Opterra Paddock Book run on?

Paddock Book has been designed to run on the Apple iOS platform for both the iPhone and iPad. The offline app’s run alogside the Opterra Web app’s that will run on any browser-capable device that has connectivity to the internet..

How much does it cost?

Paddock Book can be purchased from the app store on a yearly subscription for $149.00.